New Years Eve in Europe

New Year is one of those rare occasions when people from all over the world, with diverse cultural backgrounds unite together in celebration. The coming of each New Year brings with it the message of starting life anew, letting go of prior negativity. And what could be a better way of going about it other than celebrating 2018 New Year’s Eve in the grandest possible way. There are a number of possible destinations where one could be celebrating New Year’s Eve, for each place has its own way of celebrating the most anticipated festival. (See also Top 5 cities for NYE celebrations in Europe for further information)

New Year’s Eve in Europe

Europe stands out among the most coveted destinations for spending New Year’s Eve and Christmas holidays. Being one of the largest continents, European countries have their unique way of celebrating New Year’s Eve with pomp and splendour. However, one of the most common ways of celebrating the New Year’s Eve throughout Europe is the fireworks and the merry chanting of “Auld Lang Syne”, by Scottish poet Robert Burns.

Popular NYE destinations in Europe

NYE Time Zones
NYE Locations

GMT -4

Moscow (Russia)

GMT -2

Istanbul, Ankara (Turkey)

GMT -1

Berlin, Frankfurt, Munich (Germany), Amsterdam (Netherlands), BucharestAthens, Budapest, Prague (Czech), Rome, Milan,Venice, Florence, Pisa (Italy), Barcelona, Madrid (Spain), Vienna (Austria), Zurich (Swiss), Paris, Monaco, Marseille, Lyon, Nice, Bordeaux (France), Valletta, Warsaw (Poland), Lisbon , Porto (Portugal), St Petersburg (Russia), Bucharest, Krakow, Gibraltar, Reykjavik, Bologna, Kitzbühel, Sofia (Bulgaria)


Newcastle, London, Manchester, Birmingham, Leeds (United Kingdom), Dublin (Ireland), Edinburgh, Glasgow (Scotland)

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Accommodations for NYE

If you are planning to spend Christmas and New Years Eve in Europe region, early hotel reservation and air flight ticket booking are highly recommended to avoid last moment disappointment.