Enjoy traditional 2018 NYE party in Manila

Manila New Years Eve

New Year’s Eve 2018 is the most awaited festival for Filipinos, especially for the people of Manila. The people of this island follow some tradition on this very special day and assume that the upcoming year will be a prosperous year for them. Some of their rituals or customs are highly influenced by Chinese. Philippines is an amazing country of Southeast Asia that offers lot of beautiful things to explore. Many tourists or travelers visit this place in order to witness the real beauty of the place. Manila is the capital of Philippine Island and despite being the second largest city of Philippines it has lot of charms to amaze you. You will be able to visit several fascinating places in Manila which will definitely attract you and you will certainly want to come here once again.

Countdown parties, music & fireworks

The people of Manila celebrate one of the noisiest New Year’s Eve same as the Americans celebrate Fourth of July fireworks. The people of this city gather together and follow their tradition. The firework events are something that you definitely should not miss to watch. They make fire crackers in different shape and each of them have different name such as kwitis (means rocket), judas belt (a string of firecrackers), bawang (garlic), super lolo (grandfather) etc. children love to celebrate the evening with the dancing fire crackers that is watusi. People thump pots or pans repeatedly in order to agitate the evil spirit. Everyone pushes the horns of the cars and trucks in order to make as much noise as they can. The Isla Ballroom, Edsa Shangri-la hotel offer a grand celebration with the amazing music performed by the popular bands. At Discovery Suites you will be able to find some retro dance music from the Human Race Band and the DJ shanti Santos play the contemporary house music.

NYE fireworks nad lights in Manila

Dusit Thani Manila is the best hotel in Manila that celebrates this festive time of the year with endless grandeur and glory. They offer a New Year’s Eve crossover dinner and an outstanding countdown party at 31st December. You will be able to enjoy some brilliant international dishes and beverages in this restaurant. The countdown party started at 10:00 P.M at the lobby of the restaurant. Some popular bands join the celebration and perform live music concert, songs from 80’s and the latest classic Pop and R&B tunes as well. People always open all the doors of their house before the clock hits midnight in order to make path for the good luck charm into their house. Children try to jump as high as they can at the right moment of this evening as they believe that it will make them taller. So if you really want to celebrate your New Year’s Eve with such entertainment and tradition then you should book your ticket for Manila.

Hotels on NYE

There are many reputed hotels in Manila such as Palm Plaza Hotel, Oasis Park Hotel, Diamond hotel etc. and each of them are good in their service. If you are planning spend your New Years Eve in Manila, early booking is highly recommended.