River Cruise Party on Melbourne NYE 2018

New Years Eve in Melbourne

Melbourne New Years Eve looks amazing from the banks of Yarra River; the beautiful sights of the city draw your attention and also will force you to come back Australia again. You will be amazed with the beauty of nature and it will definitely help you to forget about all your worries. So if you really want to visit this place for once in your life then you definitely should come to visit Melbourne city at the time of New Year 2018.

The city actually offers many things to do or also to watch and especially in New Year’s Eve you will be able to find lots of parties’, fireworks and many things as your entertainments in this place. So if you are living in the neighbourhood of this city then you should come to this place where you will be able to take a ‘leisurely stroll’ around the riverside and will be able to watch the panoramic parklands and also the marvellous botanical gardens.

NYE Celebrations 

NYE Cruises in Melbourne

In order to enjoy New Year’s Eve with full of entertainment you have to book a river cruise. Many big companies arrange huge NYE parties and dinners in this place on that time of the year. The whole city garnishes her with vibrant lights. From your river cruise, you will be able to witness the beautiful city twinkling with lights. The cruise parties are very different than the crowd of drunken people in the busy pubs. Another best thing of the city is their fireworks which looks best right from the cruise boat. The best party of Melbourne actually takes place in the cruise boat as you can see such magnificent fireworks, have the most delicious food, wine and most importantly you will be able to find the entire city in a very different and unusual manner.

So without any hesitation you should book your ticket in order to spend the most romantic New Year’s Eve with your loved one in Melbourne. In the last year the city spent nearly $2 million for the beautiful midnight show. In this show they organize the fireworks display all over the country. Many people cannot attend that midnight show so sometimes they arrange a family show at the Yarra Park, before midnight. The people of the city highly maintain the safety during the celebration time as well. They always arrange the alcohol free parties. The police of that part of the country also handle the situation with strict rules.

If you are planning to enjoy the NYE fireworks show right from your home through the television then you are going to make a big mistake. The city Melbourne is popular for its culture and diversity and in this night of celebration you will find different culture and different tradition all over the city. The entertainment shows are arranged around the Yarra River as well as you will find out a variety of entertainments and unique parties throughout the night.

Accommodations for NYE

There are plenty of hotels that offer great parties and facilities during New Year’s Eve. Some of the popular hotels are the Olsen Hotel, Park Hyatt Melbourne and many more. If you are arrange your trip to Melbourne Australia on Christmas and New Year holidays, early booking is extremely recommended for the best celebrations.