Dubai Firework Display Gets World Record

Dubai World Record of Largest Fireworks

Dubai NYE Fireworks 2014 has broken the World Record of Largest Firework Display. Organizers said 500,000 fireworks were used in six-minute performance. The fireworks performance is believed to be the World’s largest fireworks display for the world to date. Earlier in 2011, Kuwait  set a record with 77 282 fireworks shooting continuously for 1 hour.

Organizer of Dubai NYE 2014 fireworks is an American company – IMG Artists. The company has used than 100 computers to synchronize the fireworks display in combination with music and water fountain.

Representatives of The Guinness World Records Organization also were present in Dubai to confirm fireworks performance. The World Tallest Building of Burj Khalifa (828 meters) is focal point of the display.

Below is NYE Fireworks 2014 in Burj Khalifa Downtown Dubai