Chinese New Year 2018 in New Jersey

Chinese New Year in New Jersey

Join the 2018 Chinese New Year celebrations in New Jersey and enjoy the events of traditional Spring Festival like never before.

Introducing New Jersey

New Jersey is a USA state. It is located in northeastern and mid Atlantic region of United States. New Jersey is surrounded by state of New York on north and east, by Atlantic Ocean on south and southeast, by Pennsylvania on west and by Delaware on southwest. It is the 4th smallest state in United States with the status of being 11th most populous and most densely populated state in USA.

The state experiences a humid continental climate in northwest and mesothermal climate in northeast. Typically the summers in state are hot and humid whereas winters are usually cold. The culture of New Jersey is unique in cuisines and religious communities. Museums and Halls of Fame stand in the state to depict the rich cultural heritage. New Jersey is birthplace of many modern inventions like FM radio, motion picture camera, transistors and many more

Tourists are attracted to this state for getting memories about its cultural heritages and taking breathtaking views of many of its places. Some of the most visited spots include Jersey Shore, Casino Pier, Adventure Aquarium, Liberty State Park, New Jersey State Museum, USS New Jersey, New Jersey Performing Arts Centre, Barnegat Lighthouse State Park, Sterling Hill Mining Museum, The Pier Shop at Caesars, Kingda Ka, Bowcraft Amusement Park, Naval Air Station Wildwood Aviation Museum, Prudential Center, Ellis Land, Grounds for Sculpture, Action Park, Clementon Amusement Park, Monmouth Battlefield State Park, New Jersey State House, Story Book land and Island Beach State Park.

CNY parties & celebrations

People from the Chinese community gather in the New Jersey and decorate their homes and streets with red and gold colors, Chinese traditional lanterns, flowers, cherry blossoms and peonies. According to Chinese traditions red color is associated with good luck and prosperous life whereas flowers prevent the evils from coming and attacking.

In addition to street parades, traditional Lion Dances and fireworks, many celebrate the Lunar New Year by sharing holiday meals with family and friends. One of the traditions of Chinese New Year in New Jersey is dim sum. This is a usually brunch-time meal of dumplings and other “tiny treasures”. All the foods are served from rolling carts that stop at your table and allow you to make selections from the wide offerings of noodles, spring rolls, pork buns and shu mai. It’s great for large groups as well as for kids, since there’s no waiting to be served.

People gather on the occasion and enjoy while eating traditional Chinese dishes, sushi fish and tikoy. Sushi is a raw fish served with vinegar whereas tikoy is a sweet dish made up of sticky and glutinous rice. Many restaurants also offer special menus including Chinese traditional dishes.

People visit their elders on the Chinese New Year to bring good luck in homes and elders give children gifts wrapped in red envelope which is associated with transfer of good luck from adults to children.

Accommodations for CNY

Some of the best places for accommodation in New Jersey are Residence Inn West Orange, The Majestic Hotel, Holiday Inn Express and Suites West Long Branch, Windrift Resort Hotel, Hyatt Regency New Brunswick, Bungalow Hotel and Holiday Inn Express and Suites Newton Sparta.