Best Places for Celebrating Christmas in Italy 2017

Christmas Celebrations in Italy

“Nell’umile capanna/ nel freddo e povertà/ è nato il Santo pargolo/ che il mondo adorer”

If this is the note that you have been humming for a while to the run up to Christmas, then it is probably Italy that is calling you this festive season. Christmas is one of those few occasions in the lives of man in which they get to celebrate and spend time with family and friends. And Italy is one of the coveted destinations for the Christmas celebrating population out there. Though not celebrated on a grand scale as Epiphany, Italy is no less in celebrating Christmas 2017 when it comes to other European countries.

Places You Could Be This Christmas

If you are in Italy during Christmas, then you are probably in for a treat. There could be a lot of destinations for you and your family to spend the occasion of Jesus’s birth.

Vatican City

Vatican City is no doubt the hub of religious Catholics and hence, there can be no doubt about the fact that the Christmas celebrations here will exude divinity and elegant purity in every respect. You could be a part of the midnight mass that is delivered by the pope on Christmas Eve in St. Peter’s with your family and friends. The magnificent Christmas trees in St. Peter’s square, the life like nativity scene in front of the basilica are perhaps the best part of Christmas in the Vatican City.


This could be another location for you to spend New Year and Christmas in Italy. You could try the hot spiced wine to ward off the damp and cold Venetian winter. Perhaps the unique part of celebrating Christmas in Venice is the distribution of gifts by Father Christmas in gondolas as part of the festivity. No matter what you age is you are bound to enjoy this treat.


Known to be the headquarters of the tradition of Nativity scene in Italy, Naples could well be another Christmas attraction for you in Christmas. With a street rightfully named “Christmas alley”, for the entire year round, the chain of shops along Via San Gregorio Armeno is a treat for everyone. You are sure to enjoy the figures of the shepherds, pizza makers, politicians and the like. Though the set up is present all throughout the year, it becomes all the more alluring, especially at Christmas.


If you are the kind who is not really fond of the biting chill that Christmas brings along with it, then Sicily is the place for you to be in this Christmas. With a comparatively milder climate, the uniqueness of Christmas celebrations in Italy centres around Nativity, with each home, lane and square erecting a Nativity scene. The most spectacular one is perhaps the one in a cave near Trapani. Bonfires all over the place are perhaps another uniqueness of Christmas celebrations in Sicily.

Hotels for Christmas season

Your Christmas celebrations in Italy could be an unforgettable experience with the availability of proper accommodation. Most people book their places well in advance so as to be a part of Christmas celebrations in Italy. It would do well if you follow the footsteps as last minute accommodation is something hard to find in the festive season. All the hotels, resorts and other places of accommodations provide attractive discounts and complimentary gifts as part of the celebrations.