Celebrate New Years Eve in Christmas Island 2018

Christmas Island New Years Eve

Christmas Island in the Pacific Ocean is among the first inhabited places in the world to celebrate New Year 2018. Depending on when you visit Christmas Island on New Year even you may catch one of the many cultural festivals taking place Hari Raya Puasa, Chinese New Year, making the end of the month-long Ramadan fast for Maulaud Nabi, or Vesak day.

Introduction to Christmas Islands

Christmas Island (also called as Kiritimati Island) is the biggest island of the Republic of Kiribati in the Pacific Ocean. It is part of the islands of Northern line. With a population of five thousand, it is the initial inhabited location on earth to ring in the New Year. A shift of time zones in 1995 moved all islands in Kiribati west of the world date line so that they would be separated by one hour instead of one day. When the New Year celebration arrived in Kiritimati, it was just 5 AM EST.

Christmas islands was titled by James Cook (British explorer Captain) when he reached the island coast on Christmas celebration, 1777.

Kiritmati and other Kirbati islands lie 2,500 miles Hawaii southwest, consist of 32 coral atolls (ring-designed islands with middle lagoons). Christmas Island is the biggest. Gilbert Island has the biggest population. Temperature range from 25 Celsius to 30 Celsius, the mainly of the population of approximately 100,000 speaks Gilbertese.

Group traveling to Christmas Island can love scuba diving, golf, snorkeling, scuba diving, bird watching and sea fishing.

World flights arrive at Cassidy international Airport. Accommodation is accessible in 24 rooms and 20 luxurious, thatched bungalows beach at Capital Cook hotel. Special specs include shower stalls heated by solar power. The hotel has a meeting room.

Cultural Events on New Year

Further to the usual Australian public holidays, cultural events include the Hari Raya Haji and Hari Raya Puasa. There are lots of Chinese celebrations including the Hungry Ghost Festival, New Year Chinese celebration with Christmas, and the Mooncake festival, held on the 15th day of the 8 month of the lunar calendar when the moon is at its full shine. The Chinese template birthdays gods are also enjoyed at the respective temples around the Christmas Island. Exact dates for these celebrations vary from year to year but mostly with Christmas New Year celebrations.

Christmas Island is the made up of a remarkable max of cultures that make a friendly, relaxed and vibrant community. We are house to about two thousand residents including Malay and Chinese as well as people from mainland Australia.

Other NYE Events

  • New Year’s Eve at The Priory Hotel
  • New Year’s Eve at Southerly’s Tavern
  • New Year’s Eve Aquarena Fun – School Holiday Program
  • New Year’s Eve at Dongara Hotel Motel

Destinations for New Year Trips

  • Lancelin Sand Dunes Lancelin, WA, 6044 Open 7 days a week.
  • A short drive up the coast from Perth lays an incredible collection of limestone formations known as the Pinnacles.
  • Monkey Mia Open daily. 1 Monkey Mia Road, Shark Bay WA 6537
  • Eagle Bluff Open daily. Shark Bay Road, Denham WA 6537
  • Drummond Cove Holiday Park Open daily Drummond Cove Holiday Park, North West Coastal Highway, Geraldton WA 6530
  • Hamelin Pool Open daily. Hamelin Pool, Shark Bay WA
  • Shell Beach Open 7 days a week. Shell Beach Denham WA
  • Peron Homestead Open daily. Francois Peron National Park, Carrarang WA

Top Hotels in Christmas Islands

Most booked hotels are listed below:

  • The Sunset
  • VO3 Lodge
  • Hibiscus House
  • The Cocos Padang Lodge
  • Papaya Cottage
  • Tong Chee House

Remember to reverse your accommodation well in advance.