Enjoy your Asian Christmas 2018 in Hong Kong

Christmas 2015 in Hong Kong China

Among many other splendid places Hong Kong is really great to visit. Though this place is not famous for Christmas celebration as there was no such tradition of celebrating this day but still the citizen of this place arrange great events to enjoy the day. The city decorates itself in a grand way. You will be able to see vibrant lights all over the city that actually enhance the beauty of it and also mesmerize you. The people of this city get into the spirit of joy and enjoy their holiday by organizing amazing events. You will find lights, fireworks, posters at the every corner of the city. Thereby, if you are planning for 2018 Christmas and New Year holidays for this year you must come to visit Hong Kong and enjoy the amazing festival.

Xmas Celebrations in Hong Kong

The city has lots of things to explore especially for this special occasion. Whether you are a child or adult there are many exciting things for you that can make you fall in love with that place. Places that you should definitely visit are:

HK Disneyland

Disneyland arranges great events, decorates the trees with beautiful lights and also arranges fake snow. When it is Christmas then you can definitely expect to meet Santa in this place. You can take your children there to enjoy the party. It is an amazing place that gives ultimate pleasure to the children. The entire Disney land has been decorated in American style. All the streets of this place are decorated with lights to provide a fairytale ambience to the kids. They also organize a theme parade where you can see Mickey, Minnie and all other such characters are walking down the streets.

HK Ocean Park

It is the most exciting place in Hong Kong that creates amazing atmosphere especially for Christmas. As the festival comes close ocean park arranges great things for this festival. People over this place cut a Christmas cake on this special day. If you are willing to taste one of the delicious foods at night then you should definitely come to visit this place. They make some amazing dishes on this day so you will be able to enjoy it in this place.

HK Winterfest

Winter Festival In Hong Kong

It is the main destination of Hong Kong’s Christmas celebration as it attracts thousands of people every year in this special occasion. The Hong Kong tourism board transforms the Statue Square into a winter wonderland. If you are in this place then you definitely should visit this place.

Hotels for NYE & Xmas holidays

There are a number of hotels that offer great services and also organize special dinner parties for their guest on this special occasion. You can search on internet to find out the best hotel of Hong Kong. Some of popular hotels in Hong Kong for your Christmas are L’Hotel Nina et Convention Centre, The Vela Hong Kong Causeway Bay Hotel, Penta hotel Hong Kong Kowloon, Butterfly on Victoria Boutique Hotel, etc. Early hotel booking and air flight booking are highly recommended.