Celebrate 2015 Chinese New Year of Goat in Toronto Canada

Toronto Chinese New Year

The Chinese New Year is known as the longest New Year celebration among the many communities of the world. Toronto, the large and most populous city in the country has one of the largest Chinese populations in Canada as well in North America.  The Chinese community celebrate their Lunar New Year 2015 – year of the Goat- in a very lavish and extravagant manner every year in the city of Toronto.

Celebrations and events of 2015 Chinese New Year in the city of Toronto

As the tradition goes, the Chinese community in Toronto also wears red clothes or bright coloured clothes on this day, to fend off the beast named Nian. Although the Shen Yun Performing Arts Centre arranges many shows or the Chinese Cultural Centre of Greater Toronto arranges for events like musical concerts, get-together and parties at many places. In the year 2014, one of the main attractions of the Chinese New Year celebration is the Somewhere There creative music festival. The University of Toronto, Chinese Graduate Association arranges for a grand celebration every year and this year it has been organised on 12th January, 2014 and 25th January, 2015.

The Dragon and Lion Dance at the Scarborough Town Centre are worth experiencing. Not only the Chinese but also the other communities also gather to this area to watch the grand show. But if you want to enjoy the extravaganza of the celebration, then you must get a ticket to the Toronto Centre for the Arts situated at the 5040 Yonge St, Toronto, ON M2N 6R8 on 7th and 8th February. The tickets to this grand carnival spanning two days can be availed at a cost of CAD$38. If you live in Toronto or outside and yet haven’t been lucky enough to watch a Chinese New Year 2014 celebration, then this is the right time.

There will be also many CNY celebrations, parties, events waiting for you to discover it Toronto in this next coming Lunar New Year occasion.

Hotel and accommodation on 2015 Chinese New Year holiday in Toronto Canada

Visiting Toronto for enjoying the Chinese Lunar New Year 2015 celebration is a very good idea. If you stay outside Toronto then staying at the Holiday Inn Express in Toronto or the Grand hotel are great opportunities stay connected to the busy streets of the city. Many other great hotels in Toronto are Four Seasons Hotel Toronto At Yorkville, Glengrove at Maple Leaf Hotel, Eaton Chelsea Hotel, Park Suites Toronto Harbour Square Guest House, etc. Early hotel and air flight bookings are always recommended.  So come to Toronto Canada on this Chinese New Year and enjoy the colour and positive vibes that this Chinese zodiac of Horse has to offer.