Enjoy Chinese New Year 2018 in Taiwan

Taiwan Chinese New Year

New Year is a very precious time for everybody and the Chinese New Year is the longest holiday session for the people of that country. It is their culture and every people across the country follow it dedicatedly. If you are really interested to visit Taiwan then obviously this time of the year is perfect for you. As the entire city dresses in a gorgeous attire to mesmerize everyone, therefore you will be amazed to watch such beauty in front of your eyes. You will find the spirit of holiday throughout the month but especially at the last day of Chinese Lunar New Year you will be able to find out more exciting atmosphere that will not only make you happy but also entice you to get all the enjoyment that the society offers.

In Taipei or Kaohsiung on CNY holiday, you will be able to watch vibrant firecrackers; enjoy the noisiest party as well as some delicious foods. Taiwan also arranges many other folk festivals along with this celebration and gradually all the festivals have become a part of New Year celebration. Hence, you definitely should come at least one time in Taiwan to experience such a beautiful evening of your life. All the food shops and other festivals are open for public so that they could find the best entertainment in this city. For this upcoming Chinese New Year you can select Taiwan as your destination in order to enjoy your leaves as much as you want.

CNY Celebrations

People celebrate this Chinese New Year in order to welcome a fresh New Year. Chinese Lunar calendar is very different than the Gregorian calendar; therefore the first day of the Chinese New Year is different. They also celebrate this special day with lots of enthusiasm. The other popular names of this festival are lunar New Year or spring festival.

The people of Taipei city follow some symbols or traditions. The Taiwanese people maintain it happily. Especially the usage of flowers is very important. They love to decorate everything with flowers. There are particular flowers that actually have great significance in Chinese New Year – plum blossom and the water narcissus. They use these two flowers to decorate the city. Plum blossom stands for good hope and courage and water narcissus produces symbols for good luck. They also use some writings and oranges as well as tangerine in many houses and shops. They believe that these will bring good luck for them. However, parents give gifts to their children. They use the red color on the envelope of their gifts. They love this red color – a symbol of best lucks.

Apart from various types of cultures or rituals that these people maintain thoroughly they also arrange some great CNY parties or musical concerts as well. You will be able to dance with the rhythm of the popular bands throughout the night. Most importantly the fireworks shows are really beautiful.

Best hotels for Lunar New Year

There are many hotels in Taipei that offer great facilities and services such as Westgate Hotel, Le Meridien Taipei Hotel, The Okura Prestige Taipei Hotel, Park Taipei Hotel, W Hotel, etc. Especially on 2018 Lunar Chinese New Year time you will be able to find many great programs and other activities in these big hotels of Taiwan.