Celebrate Chinese New Year 2018 in Shenzhen

Shenzhen Chinese New Year 2015

Are you planning a trip to the city of Shenzhen on the occasion of Chinese New Year 2018? Then be prepared for a treat, for this city in the southern part of China is said to be one of the hubs of celebrations. Located towards the northern end of Hong Kong, Shenzhen is one of the major cities of the southern part of China- the Guangdong Province. And being one of the largest cities of the country, there can be no doubt about the fact that the Chinese Lunar New Year 2017 is celebrated with a gust and vigour that reflects the New Year spirit and culture of the entire Chinese populace.

Galore Of Fun & Sure Way of Enjoying Yourself

The Lunar New Year is considered as quite an auspicious event in Shenzhen. People gift each other gifts in red envelopes and clear off all debts on the occasion. If you are in Shenzhen for Chinese New Year, then be prepared to witness the city draped in red decorations. Every house on every street will have red hangings as part of the decoration. This is because the Chinese believe the colour red to be quite auspicious.

If you are not really fond of the crowd and gregarious parties, then Shenzhen is definitely the place for you as the city lacks the large congregation of people that descend on the streets of Beijing and Shanghai. However, like the afore mentioned cities it does has its own share of dragon and lion dances, colourful lantern parades, traditional Chinese flavours and a lot of fun. You could consider the flower markets that are set up all over the city on the occasion. The flower market of the Futian district forms a chief attraction with its collection of colourful potted plants, bonsais, cut flowers and the like.

The colourful parade forms another speciality of Chinese New Year with the colourful and extravagant lion and dragon dance. These parades also feature the animal of which he coming year is going to be. The Chinese believe these animals have quite a great influence on the lives of the people for a year. You could also consider the Lianhua Shan Park in Futian for the occasion. One of the largest parks, the Lianhua Shan Park is located in the heart of the city and is a great draw for new revellers from all across. The fireworks form another feature of Chinese New Year celebrations in Shenzhen. The magnificence and splendour of the pyrotechnic displays can be said to be somewhat unparalleled in every aspect.

Along with everything, there always is the food part at the end of the day. There are a number of restaurants around the city which you could consider and give your taste buds a delightful time with the flavours of fried spring chicken, kylin weever, Wenchang braised chicken and the like.

Hotels on CNY

The Chinese New Year is quite a grand occasion for the people of china, including Shenzhen and as a result, the city witnesses quite a hike in the immigrant footfall in the season. Hence, if you are planning a visit to the city on the occasion, you would do well to book yourself a place to stay well in advance. The hotels and other alternatives of accommodation all around the city have quite a number of attractive offers and deals under their sleeves which you could consider for the occasion.