Celebrate 2018 Chinese New Year in Shanghai China

Shanghai Chinese New Year

Are you thinking of heading off somewhere with the onset of spring season? Then you could very well consider giving Shanghai a visit this year on the occasion of Chinese New Year 2018. Enjoy the pomp and grandeur of the lunar year and wish all your loved ones “gong xi fa chai” this year in Shanghai.

A Call for Celebration the Traditional Way

Singapore, Bangkok and Shanghai- these are the top three locales of the world where the Chinese New Year is celebrated in the grandest manner possible. With the Chinese population immigrating from all across the globe, there can be no doubt about the fact that the Chinese New Year does count as an important date in the lunar calendar for the Chinese populace of Shanghai.

The  Chinese New Year celebration as mentioned earlier is quite a grand affair in Shanghai, with the entire thing lasting from anywhere between 3 to 42 days. Flamboyant lion and dragon dance, loud celebrations, settling debts, consulting fortune tellers- these are some of the features that marks the Lunar New Year in Shanghai. If you are in Shanghai this Chinese New Year, then you are definitely going to see red (literally), as the doors and streets are all decorated with red ribbons, balloons and the like. You will come across red lanterns and ciaos of good fortune and prosperity almost all over the place.

You could consider heading out to the Yu Yuan Old Town Bazaar and witness the traditional lantern parade, with the lanterns being made of paper and wood as opposed to the electric and neon lanterns that are otherwise used throughout the city. Built in the 242 AD, the Longhua Temple can be another place worth considering on the occasion of Chinese New Year in Shanghai. Be a part of the traditional bell ringing ceremony which takes place at the exact stroke of midnight- a sign of welcome for the coming New Year. The 3.3 ton heavy bronze bell is struck 108 times to dispel all evil from man. Situated next to the Yu Yuan Garden, the City God Temple is another place that you could consider heading out to in Shanghai on the Chinese New Year. You will find people wishing each other a “yiban wanli”, or “may a small investment bring ten thousand fold profits”. The temple is a sight to behold with colourful kitsch decorations and lighted incense.

Shanghai also puts up a spectacular display of CNY fireworks to round off the occasion of the Chinese New Year. Believed to scare off an evil monster, the city’s display of impressive pyrotechnic fireworks successfully lights up the night every year. You can also give your taste buds a high in terms of flavours the traditional way. There are various hotels and restaurants all across the city of Shanghai that serves the traditional Jiaozi and Tangyuan.

Hotels on CNY

The Chinese New Year being one of grandest festivals of Shanghai, people from all across the globe congregate in the city to witness the festival. Hence, it would be better if you book yourself an accommodation beforehand. Sine, this is one of the major festivals that is celebrated in Shanghai, you can be sure of availing the best new year food, fun and offers, irrespective of the hotel you pick. So, make sure that you have booked the air flight and accommodation well in advance and participate in CNY celebrations in Shanghai.