Visit Dubai in 2018 CNY for remarkable experiences

Chinese New Year in Dubai

Dubai is a beautiful city in the Gulf (Middle East) that organizes Chinese New Year grandly in every year. The Chinese community of this city celebrates the festival by organizing superb parties and great CNY events. You will be able to see many dance shows theme parties and a range of procession throughout the streets of the city. Therefore, if you do not have the idea of enjoying a Chinese New Year, pack your bag and come to visit Dubai in this upcoming Lunar New Year. You will get to see mega events and your kids will enjoy a lot. Manage a short work leave and visit Dubai for enjoying Chinese New Year 2018.

CNY Fireworks, Parties, Traditional Celebrations

In this special day, Dubai gets dressed up with vibrant light and many more things. You will see some amazing CNY fireworks shows in this time.

All the Chinese restaurants of Dubai get busy to make special menus for this day. They have tried to introduce some new items at every year. Last year they select snake as their theme of animal now let’s see what will be the theme animal of 2016. You will get to watch or feel some classic entertainments in these restaurants. Among the many other venues that provide superb Chinese foods Cantonese restaurant Royal China is the best one. They always make a brilliant special dish on this day.

Actually the concept of this Chinese New Year has come from the agricultural calendar. When the time period of rice harvest ends, farmers take rest and this period is marked as the beginning of new life, new era and everything new. So every people celebrate this time as the Chinese New Year. At the Arabian tower of Dubai people arranged a grand New Year celebration. Millions of Chinese tourists come to this place to celebrate this festival. All the retailers offer special discount on this day. So you will be able to shop as much as you want. If you are in Dubai then you definitely should visit its night clubs on this day, teenagers gather there to dance throughout the night with their partners. Many local bands perform on this day to make an amazing CNY atmosphere.

Best hotels on CNY

There are a number of big and reputed hotels that offer great facilities and superb services on this day. You can search online to find out the names of the best hotels. If you are planning to celebrate your New Year 2018 and Chinese Lunar New Year in the Gulf, try to book hotels and air flight tickets earlier in order to avoid any hindrance.