Celebrate Colorful Chinese New Year 2018 In Brunei

Brunei Chinese New Year

One of the major festivals of the Chinese community all over the planet, the Chinese New Year is the harbinger of a new year with all the positive vibes. This is an occasion that brings the entire Chinese community all across the globe together in celebration and fun making. Brunei, one of the major hubs of Chinese population all over the world, represents and basks in this spirit like no other.

Having Fun on CNY 2018

If one had to define the Chinese Lunar New Year in Brunei, then an apt one would be a riot of colors and fun steeped in tradition. Located in the Island of Borneo in South-Eastern part of Asia, Brunei was once upon a time one of the major trade collaborators of China. It is, therefore, not at all surprising that Brunei is one of the major hubs of the Chinese people. If you are in the city on the occasion, you might as well brace yourself for witnessing and participating in a Lunar New Year that is fun-filled and colorful.

Like every other place on the planet, the streets of the Chinatown of Brunei are also decorated in red. If you take a stroll down the Jalan Ong Sum Ping, you are sure to witness homes decorated with red hangings and lanterns with inscriptions that herald good fortune for the coming year. You will also find the Chinese population donning red attire and gifting money in red envelopes, believing in the auspiciousness of the colour. You might also consider taking a peep into the Bandar Seri Begawan to witness the shopping centre alive with hues of red and yellow to grace the occasion. The place is also quite popular for the Tarian Singa or the lion dance that takes place amidst a backdrop of firecrackers.

You could also join in the CNY parade featuring the lion and dragon dance, colorful lanterns, kung fu demonstrations and the like to celebrate the occasion. Musical performances and traditional Chinese craft exhibitions along with beauty pageants also form part of the celebration. As is the case with every other celebration, food forms quite an important part of the entire deal. Give your taste buds a chance to feast on the exotic flavors of the Chinese cuisine with Pecking Duck, Bakkwa, Nigori Sake-Yuzu dipping sauce, Nian Gao, Shrimp and Chicken Spring rolls and the like I-Lotus or Lao di Fung.

Hotels on CNY

The Chinese community accounts for almost 10% of the population of Brunei. It is, therefore, quite obvious that the Chinese New Year celebrations will be nothing short of magnificence and splendour, consequently, leading to an increase in the tourist footfall. It would therefore, be quite prudent to book yourself a place to stay in Brunei at this time of the year well in advance. There are a number of hotels and accommodation options around the popular Chinese hubs of the city that offer attractive discounts and rewards. You could easily avail one of these to make your Chinese Lunar New Year celebrations in Brunei a remarkable one.