Celebrate New Years Eve 2018 in Budapest

Budapest New Years Eve celebrations

New Year is coming and everyone is busy in making plans for this special event. Yes, it is true that it has become a popular style to spend New Year’s Eve in a remote, unfamiliar place to get the best enjoyment throughout the evening. From child to adult everyone is in the race of experiencing the best New Year’s Eve.  This is the only festival that has been celebrated by every country of the world. Therefore you can go at any part of the world to have fun in this eve. But every city has some special arrangements for New Year’s Eve. You will be able to watch some popular rituals or customs at some cities while others organise grand parties to celebrate the occasion. Among beautiful capital cities in Europe, Budapest is a perfect place to celebrate Christmas and New Years Eve 2018.

Celebrations for NYE

Szilveszter is the Hungarian world for New Year. In Budapest, new year is celebrated in traditional style. Another famous annual event is the Chamber Concert on New Year’s Day at the Danube Palace, a superb Chamber Concert performed by the famous and supremely talented Danube Symphony Orchestra.

For a more lively option, the iconic central Liszt Ferenc Square on Andrássy Avenue offers a crowded street café scene, with a wide range of restaurants and busy bars, with the added benefit of proximity to the outdoor festivities on Nyugati tér and Oktogon. On Vörösmarty Square a three-day celebration starts on the 30th December and continues until New Years Eve 2016. All of these locations host spectacular NYE fireworks displays throughout the evening, but especially at midnight.

A little away from the main party, some of the more eclectic locations can be located in Kazinczy street, a trendier venue where all the cool kids like to be seen. Live music will be beating out across the city throughout the last night of the old year and last into the first day of new year. Popular venues to head for the music are the A38 Music club, Corvinteto on Blaha Square and the White Angel Club.

Best hotels on NYE

There are many big hotels in Budapest that have good facilities and services such as Regency Suites Hotel Budapest, Buddha-Bar Hotel Budapest Klotild Palace, Budapest Panorama Central, InterContinental Budapest Hotel, Hotel President, etc. If you are arrange your trip to Budapest on Christmas and New Year holidays, early hotel booking is extremely recommended.