Enjoy New Years Eve 2018 in Busan

Busan New Years Eve

With the setting in of the winter, and the striking of the clock at 12 in the night on 31st December, the thought of how to celebrate the New Year automatically comes to mind. If you are a fun lover and want to enjoy the last night of the year to the fullest, don’t waste your time. Book a ticket to the metropolitan city – Busan of South Korea, and visit there with your bag and baggage.

Being the second largest city after Seoul, Busan enfolds in itself a source of both traditional and contemporary entertainment with a serene sunrise beauty at the beach. Before stepping there, check out this article to properly plan New Year celebration.

Places To Visit

Sharky’s dinner set and Moet champagne with outstanding music night, drinks and dinner will create in you such a temptation which you wouldn’t resist on the eve of New Year. You will definitely like to visit there every year with your dear ones to once again live those cherished moments which you have enjoyed in the past.

On the occasion of New Year, the party organisers will shoot a Stop Light Party at the bar named Blue Monkey in KSU. In the party, DJ Nine will keep the stage rocking with his hip-hop styles all through the night. Moreover if you go there, they will give you glowing yellow, red and green bracelets. After that, to make the party blast, they will shower every individual with costly champagne. It’s really going to be stand out from the parties at other clubs.

The sunrise event will be organised at Haeundae Beach at 7:32 in the morning. The event is mainly a memorial performance, bidding goodbye to the last year. It will be organised by Busan Culture and Tourism Festival. Many colourful balloons will be released and you will be able to witness the flypast of helicopters. You will also be able to have the fun of seeing early morning swims in the sea. The people who visited their will get complimentary green tea and hot coffee.

Choose your own party theme by staying on one of the innumerable floors of 247 Pub Lounge to celebrate the New Year 2016. It has eight floors with a pub on the first floor, dance club above it and “Rookie Lounge” on the third. The fourth floor is allocated for barrister training academy and the last three floors are dedicated to motel rooms. So, just dance and drink with your partner and take a motel room to relax.

Accommodation on NYE

Paradise Busan Hotel, Lotte Hotel Busan, Hotel Aventree Busan and Haeundae Grand Hotel are some of the reputed, luxurious and cost-effective hotels of Busan. In Paradise Busan Hotel, you will get spa facilities, casino, restaurant, ball rooms and room service which one can easily access 24/7. If you are a shopaholic, go for Lotte Busan Hotel without thinking. It is mainly famous for classy location as it is situated near some awe-inspiring shopping malls. The Aventree Hotel Busan provides easy transportation with district sights.

Spending 2018 New Year Eve in Busan is not at all a bad idea. By visiting Busan, you can have both entertainment and money saving. Let’s visit South Korea and don’t forget early hotel reservation.