Celebrate New Years Eve 2019 in Buenos Aires

Buenos Aires New Years Eve

Looking For A Place To Be In This New Year? Head To Buenos Aires With Your Family And Friends

31st December- the day when it is time to bid adieu to the residues of the by-gone year and welcome the possibilities the coming year is about to bring with it. Yes, you got it right. It is New Year’s Eve 2019 we are talking about- a day meant to be celebrated in the company of family and friends. And if you are looking for some fun time with them, how about heading out to Buenos Aires for New Year’s Eve?

NYE events

Located in the western shore of the estuary of Rio de la Plata, New Year celebrations in Buenos Aires, the capital city of Argentina is quite relaxed and low key an affair. It is, therefore, the ideal place for you to be in with your family this New Year. So what are the possible things that you could do around Buenos Aires on New Year?

You could consider heading out to Puerto Madero and enjoy the unobstructed view of the fireworks and the exotic cuisines offered by the restaurants of the place. You could join the masses that throng the place at midnight during this time and take part in the countdown along with them. The Planetarium, across the town is another place that you could want to be in for witnessing the amazing view of the fireworks that it has to offer.

You could also want to be the part of the Latin festivities of Recoleta, the hub of luxury eateries. Each and every restaurant and hotel of the place have something or the other up their sleeve that is sure to attract the attention of the revellers visiting the place. A buffet dinner, a live performance and celebrity guests more or less sum up New Year’s Eve celebration of Recoleta. Get ready to delight your taste buds with the amazing flavours of the Buenos Aires special, “milanesa”, “bife”, “Fugazzeta” and the “alfazor”.

Christmas in Buenos Aires

If you are someone who craves a fun filled night, then Parlemo is perhaps the best place for you to be in this New Year’s Eve in South America. However, it must be noted that most of the dance floors don’t open till after midnight. So, if you are looking for a place to dance out the Cinderella hour, then be ready to face disappointment. However, you could always consider burning the dance floor after midnight at places such as the Club Niceto.

Whatever it is that you are doing on New Year’s Eve in Buenos Aires, make it a point to reach the place quite early on as you will not have too many transport options close to midnight and well till the early hours of dawn.

Hotels for NYE

To begin with, it would be worthwhile to mention that each and every hotel of Buenos Aires offer remarkably good offers and discounts at this time of the year. And the New Year party at most of these hotels is quite amazing. And New Year celebrations in Buenos Aires being of the unique nature that it is, last minute bookings can prove to be quite difficult a feat to achieve. So, it is best if you can book a place for yourself to stay in early so that you do not have to face problems and can enjoy yourself in the city to the hilt.