Discover New Years Eve in Bologna 2018

Bologna New Years Eve

Are you spending New Year Eve in Bologna, Italy? There are lots of things to do at New Year 2018 in Bologna, includes New Year Eve Music concerts, New Year Eve parade, New Years Eve Fireworks and many more festival enjoyments in Bologna. Find all you need to know about the festival time in the Capital of Bologna, from Bologna shopping to New Year celebrations to remarkable New Years Eve lights.

As the New Year approaches, you may be surprising how to say goodbye to current year and bring in the next one in Bologna, Italy. Whether you select to enjoy amid 1000s of others or just with your family and closest friends, enjoying the New Year will leave you with memories that will last for lots of years to come.

Christmas Market

Christmas Markets in Bologna

In the heart fo the historical centre of Bologna, near the St. Peter’s Cathedral, there’s the typical Christmas Market where you can find the traditional Christmas decorations, sweets and lots of gift ideas.

Go to a Club

If you are looking to celebrate hard while ringing in the New Year, combine up your friends and go to a Club in Bologna. New Year celebration one of the best nights of the year when it comes to gathering, so clubs will often bring in the top DJs they can find and have specials alcohol, if you permitted to drink of course.

Go out for dinner

Whether it is friendly-family restaurant with your kids, a remarkable restaurant for a romantic rate, or your taste restaurant for night out with friends, going out to eat is an excellent way to enjoy New Year celebration. Some restaurants in Bologna may also have special New Year on drinks and foods, but make sure to call a least a few days ahead of time to make a booking as restaurants tend to be packed on New Year celebration.

Top restaurants for NYE parties:

  • Acquolina
  • Antica Trattoria Del Reno
  • Spizzichi e Bocconi
  • Ristorante Garganelli
  • Pasta Fresca Naldi
  • La Tana dell’Orso

Attend a proper event

Many luxury restaurants and hotels in Bologna host New Year celebration galas that are furnished to have performances from musicians, jazz bands and orchestras. If you need to begin the New Year in your top dancing, attire, toasting, eating with sparkling wine, these galas are the location for you.

Stay home

If you don’t love spending the night with crowds of enjoying people, consider doing something at your home, whether it be a home party, a unique dinner, a casual get-together with family and friends, or just watching the New Year celebrations on Television.

Honour New Year Sharing tradition

Meals with your friends and family is a vital tradition in Greece and Brazil, and New Year celebration bonfires are held in Scotland and Panama. In English, speaking nations, the Song “Alud Lang Syne” is sung at midnight. In Bologna, you can celebrate with same tradition.

Hotels for NYE

Top most booked hotels are listed below:

  • Grand Hotel Majestic Gia Baglioni
  • Aemilia Hotel
  • Al Cappello Rosso
  • Hotel Porta San Mamolo
  • Metropolitan Hotel
  • Relais Bellaria Hotel & Congressi
  • Hotel Cosmopolitan Bologna
  • Savoia Hotel Regency

If you are planning to spend Christmas and New Year in Italy, early hotel booking is highly recommended.