Explore Austria on New Years Eve 2018

NYE celebrations in Austria

Austria is one of the most important countries in Europe and is well known for many factors one of which is the New Years celebration. It is well known for its architectural and Imperial heritage. You will be able to witness one of the most beautiful places that can be visited at this time of the year. The New Years night in Austria is called Sylvesteraben. There are many unique and beautiful rituals that are followed during this time of the year.

Why Should You Visit Austria on NYE

There are a host of reasons to visit Austria in the New Years Eve. Some of them are listed below:

Unique rituals

There are many traditions that are followed during this time that you will not find anywhere else. One of them is the drinking of cinnamon and a punch of red wine at this time of the year which is followed throughout the country.

Numerous shows

There are many celebrations and events held across the country. Numerous operas, concerts and other events are organized which attract a lot of people from far and wide to this place.


The traditional Austrian dishes are sold in stalls that are set-up especially at this time of the year across the country. You will get to taste dishes like Rindsuppe, Gulasch, Tafelspitz, etc.

Best Places for New Years Eve

There are many places that you will regret not visiting once you are in Austria. Below is a list of some of the places that should be in your bucket list:


Being the capital of Austria, it lives up to its reputation when it comes to the best places for NYE in Austria. People come to visit Vienna from far off places and is well known to have one of the best celebrations in all of Europe. There are fireworks shows and concerts all around the country. A program is organized at the State Opera where you get performances of Die Fledermaus which attracts numerous people from different parts of the world. Learn further about Vienna NYE.


It is situated around a river and has a very attractive architecture. It hosts numerous street parties and feasts. The huge firework celebration and the dancing to the tune of the traditional Blue Danube Waltz will bring you very close to the culture.

Austrian Alps

This place gives you a partly chilling but a wholesome experience that you will never forget. There are a lot of attractions to this place which include Lech and Alpbach for skiing, Galtur for adventure sports, St. Anton for parties, etc.


The points above should be convincing enough for you to visit Austria and spend your New Year in a totally different and hospitable culture abroad. You will definitely make a lot of memories to be cherished throughout your lives and will regret not visiting this place before. You will find numerous testimonials and details about 2018 New Years Eve in Austria. Some of the other places for NYE in Austria are Austrian Countryside, Graz, etc.