New Years Eve in Australasia Region 2018

Nyew Years Eve in Australia and New Zealand

As you all know, Australasia is a region of Oceania in the Pacific Ocean comprising Australia, New Zealand and Papua New Guinea. Australasian cities are the first places on Earth to welcome New Years Eve 2018.

In Australian, NYE events are mainly held around Sydney Harbor, where the Harbor Bridge fireworks and Opera House setting make for a dramatic backdrop like no other places.  In the large cities such as Melbourne, Adelaide and Brisbane all make their own events and festivals with unique styles.

In New Zealand, Auckland has the Sky Tower, which should be the hub of NYE events. centre Around other cities like Wellington and Christchurch locals also take advantage of warm weather in the southern hemisphere to celebrate the New Year in summer styles.

List of Australiansian cities for NYE:

New Zealand


Papua New Guinea

  • Port Moresby
  • Lae