Top Cities in Asia for 2017 Christmas Celebrations

Christmas in Asia Countries

If you need to spend your Christmas in the new cities further than America or Europe continents, Asia should have several great destinations. Below are the suggestions of  top 4 cities in Asia for 2017 Christmas celebrations.

Christmas in Tokyo, Japan

Christmas in Tokyo

Christianity in Japan along with Christmas reemerged in the Meiji period. Influenced by America, Christmas parties were held and presents were exchanged. The practice slowly spread, but its proximity to the New Year’s celebrations makes it a smaller focus of attention. In Tokyo, Christmas is seen more as a commercial season, a time for romance between couples and for corporations to deck their offices in lights. December is also a time for oseibo (end-of-the-year gift exchanges between companies) and boukenkai (“forget the year”) parties, and Christmas-themed parties tend to get mixed in with the celebrations.

Christmas in Hong Kong, China

Christmas in Hong Kong China

In Hong Kong, where Christmas is a public holiday and a major retail period,many buildings facing Victoria Harbour will be decked out in Christmas lights. Christmas trees are found in major malls and other public buildings,and in some homes as well, despite the small living area. Catholics in Hong Kong can attend Christmas Mass. Christmas coincides with the Ta Chiu, the Taoist festival of peace and renewal which is observed on December 27. The participants will call on all the deities and spirits so that their collective power will renew their lives. HK Christmas has many celebrations awaiting for your to discover.

Christmas in Seoul, South Korea

Christmas in Seoul Korea

Celebrating Christmas in Seoul might be a bit different than what you may know in other countries especially in Americas or Europe. For Koreans, the festivities tend to be mostly for young romantic couples, as well naturally as being a religious feast for Christians. In any case, all ingredients are united to make the Christmas atmosphere in Seoul very special: it’s chilly, often snowy, night lights illuminating the city, Christmas carols all around.

Christmas in Singapore city, Singapore

Christmas in Singapore

Singapore’s “Christmas in the Tropics” is a secular festival, celebrated with a highlight on shopping, entertainment, Christmas lights, and Santa showing up in full furs despite the fact that Singapore is smack in the middle of the tropics. The shopping districts of Orchard Road and Marina Bay explode in a shower of light, while adjoining malls and shopping centers put on extended hours and special deals to attract sightseeing tourists.

Best hotels for Xmas

More and more visitors from Europe and North America coming to Asia for Christmas and New Year holidays. Thus, popular cities in Asia have full ranges of hotels to cater millions of tourists. If you are planning to spend your next coming Xmas vacation in an Asian city, early air ticket and hotel bookings are highly recommended.