Party Your Way Thru Christmas 2017 In Asia

Asia Christmas Celebrations

25th December- a term that is synonymous with fun and merriment. It is the time of the year when people all over the globe come together in celebration and merry making. Yes, it is Christmas time again. And if you still haven’t planned Christmas destinations for you and your family this year, then how about heading to Asia to join in the Christmas fun of the continent.

Where To Be In Asia During Christmas?

There could be a number of places you could consider being in the largest continent of the world this Christmas.


Though the population in India largely comprises of Hindus and Muslims, there still is a 25% Christian population and therefore Christmas is quite a colourful and merry affair of the country. True to the spirit of the nation, the occasion is celebrated with loads of exotic dishes, colourful decorations and the like. people decorate mango and banana leaf and hang stars and lanterns on the doors and on the roof as a symbol of the light that is Christ. People also take part in the midnight mass and participate in the march. The cathedrals and churches are decorated quite strikingly with flowers and candles. And at the end of the festivity, there is the “Christmas Baba’, who distributes gifts among everybody.


This is another destination in Asia, that you can consider heading out to for your Christmas celebration. With the majority of the population comprising of Catholic Christians, there can be no doubt about the fact that the country’s population will be celebrating Christmas in a grand manner. Beginning as early as September and continuing through January, Christmas celebrations in Philippines goes on for the longest period of time, with masses being held every night to finally culminate in the Midnight Mass. You will also be able to witness the famous “pah-role”, that is, an alight star atop a bamboo, along with everything else.


Christmas is a grand affair as far as Vietnam is concerned. Counted one among the four major festivals of the country, the occasion is synonymous with Midnight Mass, revelry and fun for the population here. You will be able to taste the French influence on the celebration and parties- courtesy, the former French acquisition. Learn more about Christmas and New Year celebrations in Vietnam.


You could also head to Japan in order to celebrate Christmas with your family and friends and have a glimpse of the commercial aspect of the occasion. The country celebrates Christmas in its own unique manner, taking an unofficial leave from work to shop for the occasion, exchanging presents and having sponge cakes. Also, there is the ‘Hoteiosho”- a Father Christmas kind of figure who distributes gifts on the occasion.


The Thai population is well known for their enthusiasm across the globe. You can also be a part of the same enthusiasm this Christmas. The Thai population, largely comprising of Buddhists, like to celebrate the entire occasion peacefully- decorating their houses, streets, store and the like with twinkling lights and having traditional Thai dinner.

Hotels and accommodations

If you are headed to celebrate Christmas in an Asian country this year, then it would be good if you arrange for accommodations beforehand as that will ensure that you can make the most of the Christmas spirit of the countries. There are a number of hotels, resorts and other accommodation facilities in any place you pick. All such accommodations host a special Christmas dinner and also offer attractive packages to enhance your Christmas celebrations. So, arrange for the best accommodation in your budget and enjoy your Christmas in Asia.