4 Awesome Places for a Road Trip


Traveling by car can become your new passion. Even if you prefer lying on the white beaches of Mexico, Maldives, Bali and Vietnam to a thrilling adventure.  Even if you are snorting at the word “canyon” and “alpine village”, and such names as Chablis and Bordeaux are associated only with labels on your favorite wines. You will surely love it if you try. Thanks to our friends from Love Affiliates for this information! You can exchange dating traffic with those guys!

The Isle of Skye and the Scottish open spaces of Glen Coe

Glen Coe in Scotland

If you were in England and visited only London, you were not in England at all! In order to understand the culture of brave and arrogant Celts, you should better start with the remotest corners, untouched by civilization. Don’t worry, unlike other countries, even the deafest Scottish village has all the achievements of the new millennium.

One of the best routes is the Scottish Highlands with Glen Coe – their mountainous valley of the volcanic origin. Due to its natural features, the earth, grass, and trees around have red and orange colors and there is a feeling that you are on another planet! Crossing the valley, go to the Isle of Skye. It is separated from Scotland by a small bridge. Only 15 minutes by car and you are on Gaelic land with a local population of only 10 thousand people. The traffic in Skye is one-sided, so do not take a big car, otherwise, you do not pass other tourists. The roads are smooth and often go along the cliffs with stunning views.

The perfect time: late autumn, when the earth and trees get the same Martian orange color, the mountains are covered with snowy triangles.

The Austrian and French Alps

Alps mountain

In Austria and France, you can find the most picturesque views and comfortable resorts among all the countries united by the mountains. Austria is responsible for the first-class hotels, eco-cuisine, green lakes and the fabulous town of Hallstatt. The French Alps include waterfalls, winding roads, high peaks and the most delicious fondue in your life.

The ideal time: late spring and early summer, when the snow has not yet come down from the peaks but it’s already warm enough to run out of the car and take stunning pictures of the surrounding nature.

French Provence and the birthplace of your favorite wine

French Provence

Maybe for you, as for many other people, the concepts of “summer” and “middle France” are incompatible. Everything can change if you decide to take a day off and go to a quiet hotel in Provence. The understanding that you live on an old winery that has been modified into a small hotel with its own vineyard, a gallery of modern art and a swimming pool in the garden, will give you a special shade of rest.

Here you can at least everyday taste the wine, without leaving your villa or you can go to a town, specializing in the production of your favorite wine. In France, tastings are free, you will be given exactly as many wines as you want, including selection wines.

The ideal time: July, when lavender fields are in bloom and you can drink chilled wine, lying by the pool.

Liguria and secluded beaches in the north-western part of Italy

Ligurian coast

If you like secluded private beaches, where there are no crowds of tourists and hundreds of trinket merchants, then pay attention to the Ligurian coast. It is not so easy to get to it independently, so you definitely need a car.

The area consists of five cities, which are located on the rocks. Their special feature is colorful houses, orange trees, and pine trees. You can live in the mountains, in a family hotel with 3 rooms, relaxing on a private beach, almost alone, having dinner with fresh seafood and Italian wine.

The ideal time: summer, when the weather is perfect for swimming in the cold enough sea for all the day.