2014 Oscar Predictions – Who win the 86th Academy Awards

Oscar 2014 Predictions

The Oscars or The Academy Awards –  are a set of awards given annually for excellence of cinematic achievements. The Oscar statuette is officially named the Academy Award of Merit and is one of nine types of US Academy Awards. As informed by Wikipedia, the 86th Academy Awards  Oscar 2014 will be held on Sunday, 2nd March 2014, at the Dolby Theater in Hollywood district of Los Angeles, USA.

The moment of truth has appeared finally. Since the Oscar 2013 (on Sunday the 24th February), all the actors, directors and other technicians associated with the Hollywood industry, have been pulling their socks to make a deserving presence in the 2014 nominations. The battle for winning the 86th Academy awards has begun. Who will take the Knight holding the sword and standing on the film reel, and who will go home empty handed with a fake happy smile on the lips, is a question in everybody’s mind. Here are some predictions so that you can have an idea about who is going to win the 2014 Academy Awards.

Best Picture

Best Picture Nomination

12 Years A Slave Film

Although there are still quite some pictures that are yet to hit the theatres and may change the entire story, turning the predictions upside down, the recent releases of 12 Years a Slave and Gravity are fighting with tremendous strength to win the top position. It is the biggest question, whether the consistency of being a “slave” for 12 years, or the pull towards “gravity”, will win the Oscar, 2014. The other probabilities are:

  • American Hustle
  • Nebraska
  • Dallas Buyers Club
  • The Butler
  • Inside Llewyn Davis
  • The Wolf of Wall Street
  • Saving Mr. Banks
  • Blue Jasmine
  • The Wolf of Wall Street

Best Director

Now this is a tricky guess. The race is on between previous winners and those who haven’t won, ever. Some of these directors’ creations have already hit the Box Office, and some, we are yet to experience. What influences the Oscar is a big mystery. The special effects, the imagination and the projection of Gravity are no doubt unparalleled, but will it surpass Steve McQueen’s 12 Years a Slave? It is not very clear who will win the golden friend, but from the already hits and the grand trailers, big banners, great promotions and big budgets, we can predict that the best director of the 2014 academy Awards may be:

    • Alfonso Cuarón for Gravity
    • Steve McQueen for 12 years a Slave
    • Paul Greengrass for Captain Phillips
    • David O. Russell for American Hustle
    • Martin Scorsese for The Wolf of Wall Street
    • Alexander Payne for Nebraska
    • Ryan Coogler for Fruitvale Station
    • Spike Jonze for Her

Best Actor

Best Actor Predictions

Robert Redford in “All Is Lost”

So many deserving actors and such a limited nomination – very unfair, indeed. But that is the fun and that is what makes these actors bring such glorious roles to the audience. The fight for the top 5 nomination for the Best Actor of 2014 Oscar is among:

  • Chiwetel Ejiofer for 12 years a Slave
  • Robert Redford for All is lost
  • Matthew McConaughey for Dallas Buyer’s Club
  • Tom Hanks for Captain Phillips
  • Bruce Dern for Nebraska
  • Michael B. Jordan for Fruitvale Station
  • Leonardo DiCaprio for The Wolf of Wall Street

Best Actress

Same goes with this category of nominations. The contenders are:

  • Sandra Bullock for Gravity
  • Cate Blanchett for Blue Jasmine
  • Brie Larson for Short Term 12
  • Judi Dench for Philomena
  • Emma Thompson for Saving Mr. Banks
  • Meryl Streep for August: Osage County

Everything is still ahead for new winners of the 86th Acdemy Awards. Please visit back sometimes for more predicted categories and latest 2014 Oscar predictions.